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Buy Spain Properties SL, specialists in Spanish realestate since 2005.                       Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00
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NIE,    Notary and POA,    Property registration,    Electric and water reconnections,    Translation,    Mortgage arrangement.

Electric and water reconnections:
If you are buying a non bank repossession property and the property you are buying already has electricty and water, you will just need to contact the water company and the electricty company to change the services into your name and your bank account details, if you speak spanish this can be done by yourself, otherwise we can offer to do this for you including setting up invoices online for just 50 euros.

If the property you are buying is direct from the bank, 99% of the properties have had the services of electricity and water disconnected and in most cases the meters removed, therefore the process of reconnection will take in the region of 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area where the property is located.
Here are the steps which need to be done:
1. Application to the town hall for the 2nd license of habitation (valid only 5 years)
2. Payment of taxes for the license.
3. Visit the property either by an architect or the town halls designated architect and wait 4 to 7 days for the report.
4. Visit to the property by an electrician that can issue a Boletin de Alta.
5. Visit by the electritian to repair any faults and wait for the issue of the Boletin de Alta, normally this will take 3 to 4 days.
6. Collection of the 2nd license of habitation.
7. Contact Iberdrola and open a case file for the electricity.
8. Supply Iberdrola with 2nd habitation license, NIE, title deeds and Boletin de Alta, bank account etc.
9. Receive contract from Iberdrola for signing, or if possible contract in Spanish via recorded telephone conversation
10. Wait for Iberdrola to visit to make the reconnection.
11. Contact local water company.
12. Sign contract of connection.
13. Visit by plumber to change any tubes near the water meter if needed.
14. Visit by water company to check the tubes are safe and ok to be connected.
15. Visit by water company to make the connection.

We have calculated for the above the following:
1265 Euros for all licenses, payment of architect, plumber and electrician, this will be the absolute maximum and in some cases will be cheaper although if the house needs a lot of work doing to the electrical and plumbing system then obviously this figure could drastically increase. 500 Euros is our charge to contact all the companies, arrange workers and contracts ready for the actual connections. This figure is included in the above amount of 1265 Euros.
Once the services are contracted, you will also have deducted from your bank account by Iberdrola and the water company money for the KW´s contracted and the cost of the water meter, the costs of may vary depending on the amount of Kw´s that you have contracted and also the amount of money each water company charge for the water meter.
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