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Buy Spain Properties SL, specialists in Spanish realestate since 2005.                       Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00
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NIE,    Notary and POA,    Property registration,    Electric and water reconnections,    Translation,    Mortgage arrangement.

Mortgage arrangement service:
Please note we only offer this service for clients who are buying through our company, Buy Spain Properties SL, or one of the many estate agents who collaborate with us.
This is a free service we offer clients:
Depending on what type of property you are buying, the mortgage process is different, please see below

Bank repossession mortgage: If you decide to buy a property from the bank, you fill out an application to buy form stipulating that you need finance of a certain percentage, the bank generates a contract stipulating that if they do not give the finance you have asked for, you have the option to cancel the sale and get back any money you would have paid, or change the way of payment and pay for the property entirely with your own money.

In the case you are buying a normal non bank repossession property, unless the owners agree to put a special clause that you will have your money returned should your mortgage application fail, it is best to contact a bank and apply for a pre approved mortgage prior to buying a property.

No matter which type of property you are intending to purchase, the documentation you will need to prepare and bring with you is the same, you will need to bring originals and also have the documents scanned and named, thus making the application process that much quicker.
In general you will need the following:
3 months wage slips.
Your last yearly tax return, its always best to supply the last 2 years if possible.
Work contract of a letter from the company you work for stipulating your salary per month and how long you have been working for the company.
12 months bank statements showing your income going into the account each month.
A full Experian credit report showing the total report and you credit score.
If you have other income from renting a property etc; then you will need to supply copies of the rental contract and also the last 12 months bank statements showing the money each month going into the bank account.

As soon as we have all the documentation, we can start processing the application of finance and will contact you should we need any further documentation.
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