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Buy Spain Properties SL, specialists in Spanish realestate since 2005.                       Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00
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NIE,    Notary and POA,    Property registration,    Electric and water reconnections,    Translation,    Mortgage arrangement.

Property registration service:
If you are buying a property in Spain and are using the full services of a lawyer, then you will not need this service, many clients decide to not use Spanish lawyers as the Notary will check everything is perfect with the property, the Notary check that the property is free of debts and charges, that it is registered in the Spanish land registry and also for council taxes.

If you decide not to use a lawyer, the Notary will deal with the legal side of the title deeds, but then you will have to pay the taxes, and register the property yourself in the land registry and local council tax offices. If you are here for a long period of time after the completion in the Notary, and you speak fluent Spanish, you can do the work yourself, but if not then we can offer this service for 235 euros.
The above applies for urban properties, if you are buying a rustic property, then we strongly suggest to use a lawyer as there may be urbanistic plans for roads close to the property or there may be limitations of what you can legally do with the property.

Please remember when buying a Spanish property without finance, apart from the price of the property, you will have to pay 10% taxes, approx 600 euros Notary fee and approx. 350 euros Registry fees.
Buy Spain Properties SL.
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